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Hey there all you dudes and dude-etts, it's Dickylobster and welcome to my
Surf and Lobster Shack
Hello and Happy August 2008

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Big change is here---------this is the sister page to my "" pages. You'll find the same navigation zone on this page gets you to all my pages.

Drop me a line-- here and let me know what you think which of my 2 handles you like, Dickylobster or Lobster Dick . I would love to have your feedback !

Here's my new blog that I"m using just to post my rants and raves.

Got a comment on one of my comments, or maybe you would just like post your own rant? well then go on, read it here or post it here on the

The Pointless Lobster Blog

Here you go. Here's a new link to
Doxsee Clam Co.

Sometines the tide is high and sometimes it's low.

Hey, it's me Dickylobster(AKA "Lobster Dick"), goin' for some dinner. Your welcome to come along.
Question: "So how do you cook this dang thing anyway." Answer: steam 5 minutes first lb., 1 minute each additional lb. Boil; add lobsters to boiling water, when water comes back to boil, and lobsters turn red, their done. -- Be carefull and watch your timing!! Lobsters cook quickly and keep cooking after they are out of the pot until they cool down

Ever wonder why lobsters have claws?


Find out why in "A lobster tail by Paul D. "

Click on a tune
Here for Gilligans'Isle

cool-parrot-2.gif Hungry after a hot session on the beach or on the boat? I'm sure you'll find something interesting to cook for dinner. This is where to go to check out a fish dish for dinner---> blackfish_01-2.gif

- Recipe Page -

Got 'em all weighed up. O.K. Time to sort 'em out. packout_01-2.gif
Little ones to the left -- Big ones to the right!


Filling up a couple of totes with bugs isn't easy. A couple of fellow lobster-men up north can show you how it's done Visit these pages to see what -lobstering- is all about.

Just the other day while surfin' around the net, I stopped by for a visit to the -Gulf of Maine Research Institute.- Glad they are working on info on lobsters.

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-- Fishing outer banks style.
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